I’m Kadeem and I’m a Journalism student from the Caribbean living in London. I moved to London in September 2014 and have loved every moment of it thus far!

If you can’t tell by the majority of my blog, I love ballet – so much so that I am unashamed to admit that in 2015 I saw a total of 48 ballets.

This blog isn’t my first but I’ve since deactivated the previous one and hope to start blogging only here and soon there should be more posts that don’t just revolve around ballet reviews (but no promises 😉 )

Apart from going to the ballet I love to travel, watch TV, make YouTube videos, enjoy a Starbucks and a cheeky Nandos 😛

Hopefully you’ll get to know a bit more about me in the near future once I get around to updating this blog frequently, but for now feel free to check out my Instagram and my YouTube channel!

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I’ll catch you in my next blog post.

Or should that be Katch?