Expose Yourself: Tips For Pretend Photographers

Over the past three years I’ve developed a love for photography.  I may not take as many pictures as I would like to and fewer yet end up online, but those that I do post I am quite proud of. Continue reading “Expose Yourself: Tips For Pretend Photographers”

A Day In Paris

The dark was crisp with winter’s morning breeze and the sun was yet to make its appearance when I awoke at 3:30 am on November 25th, eager to make my way to St. Pancras to board the Eurostar. Continue reading “A Day In Paris”

A Trip To Bath

Last Saturday, my friends and I planned a quick day trip to the city of Bath, one of England’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, in the southwest of the country.  From where I live, it took us 2 trains and 2 and a half hours to get there.  So to kickstart the day, my flatmate, Elaina, and I decided to go to get some good ol’ Maccy D’s. Continue reading “A Trip To Bath”